A world-weary ranger, a cleric of death, a powerful fighter, a crystalline wizard, and an insulting bard walk into a tavern and get a quest. What sounds like the worst joke ever is in fact the beginnings of our heroes.
The nameless band were told that a woman named Treona who lived by the Goblin city of Gorizbadd, formerly the human city of Kiris Dahn, had requested their help, though she kept the nature of what she wanted unknown.
It was a hard day of hiking for the band, and not helped at all by the rain that poured on the ground the entire day, making their trek a long, wet, slow mess.
A fog had begun to settle over the ground as the rain stopped and the sun began to dry the land, and just as our bone-weary adventures were thinking of stopping for a rest, they saw the tower where Treona had told them to meet her off in the distance across a small bridge over a little river. The tower itself was the only thing that the heroes could see clearly through the fog, it’s lights seemed like a beacon of hope against the bleary depression of the murky gray that settled across the ground.
As the heroes approached the tower, they heard the howling and barking of wolves. How could this be? Their ranger, Marshal, had scouted ahead from them as best he could, but he must have missed a few in the fog, and since he was separated from them, they could not rely on their most damaging of allies.
So, weary and hungry from their march, their fighter, Samm, went forward and did his best to meet them head on, but the wolves, being clever hunters, had the party surrounded and a few went for the less hardy looking members of the band in the back.
The wolves were slavering and hungry, they even struck at the wizard, who as a Shard-Mind was composed of rock, they didn’t care. The hounds were far too starved to make rational choices at this point.
The bard and wizard were able to shove all but one wolf towards the fighter, and the cleric, Taranash helped finish off the one that remaining one.
At some point, the heroes heard a shout from the tower, urging them to come inside, and a potion flask was thrown in the air and crashed into a wolf the heroes hadn’t seen yet, sending it yelping back into the fog. It was Treona, the woman who hired them.
The heroes crowded inside the tower, hoping that Marshal would return soon.
In the tower, Treona introduced herself as a powerful ritualist and said that she had been a servant to the king Kiris Alkilk, the former ruler of Kiris Dahn before its fall. Alkirk had also taken up residence in the tower with Treona, and still wore the regalia of royalty, though it was no longer in as good repair as it might have been.
The two told the band of why they had sent word for them. Long ago, a fellow ritualist with Treona, a female elf named Dreus, had been interested in acquiring more knowledge about the creation of powerful artifacts that had long ago managed to keep Kiris Dahn safe. These artifacts were called slaying stones. The king denied her request and banished her for looking for the books concerning them behind his back.
Shortly after her banishment, goblins attacked with ritual scrolls that laid Kiris Dahn’s defenses in waste, and the goblins quickly and completely laid siege to the once great civilization.
Many died, and many fled, and the goblin’s reign became absolute after the king was forced to leave his castle himself.
Only recently did Kiris Alkirk and Treona learn that there was an extra slaying stone, not completely used, hidden away in the city. Dreus learned of this as well, and sent a savage band of orc mercenaries known as the Severed Eyes to acquire this prize.
Treona urged the band to act quickly and bring back the stone to her, intact if possible. The king went over the town and the various points of the quickest entry.

The Nameless Five

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